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Volume 10, Issue 1

A Financial Review Can Pay Off at Year End

Today, many people find themselves bombarded by a constant stream of financial news from television and the Internet. Yet, does all this information age data really help you manage your finances any better now than in the past? Often, what are considered old-fashioned practices, such as performing periodic financial reviews, can lead to greater success in the long run. Why not spend a few hours reviewing your finances? The changes you make today could result in increased savings. Consider the following seven important items:

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Student Loan Debt May Be Interfering with Retirement Saving

In addition to representing a drain on their short-term finances, workers who are paying off student loans may feel the burden of these debts into their retirement years, the results of an annual survey conducted by human resources consultancy Aon Hewitt indicates.

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Whole Life Insurance: What You Should Know

When faced with the wide range of life insurance coverage available, you may wonder what type really fits your needs now and what coverage you should have in place for the future. A good first step is to understand basic whole life insurance coverage.

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